When does my cat need a nail trim?

Average time for a cat’s nails to grow after a trim is 2-4 weeks, but all cats are different. You can usually tell if your cat needs a nail trim if they get stuck in carpets or soft furnishings, if they can no longer retract their nails, or if you hear them click clacking on wooden flooring. Severely overgrown and curved nails can make a cat uncomfortable and even grow into the paw pads, causing pain and mobility problems, so it’s a good idea to check in every so often!

What is a brush out?

All cats benefit from regular brushing, as brushing removes dirt, grease, dandruff, dead hair and skin flakes from a cat’s coat and helps to stimulate blood circulation. Long haired cats in particular benefit from daily brushing to prevent tangles and knots forming, particularly around the ears, armpits, chest, and along the backs of their legs. However, we know daily brushing isn’t always possible. There are many reasons why some cats dislike being groomed by their owners, so we are always on hand to help with a brush out. Provided that the knots are not too close to the skin, a brush out could be all your cat needs, no need for cutting or shaving. If you think your cat would benefit from a brush out, we would recommend that this is done every 6-8 weeks in order to avoid the development of matts in the fur.

What is a shave down?

Long haired cats that dislike being brushed or struggle to groom themselves could benefit from a shave down. Shave downs are essentially haircuts for cats; a shave down clips your long haired cat’s fur into a shorter style, so they appear more like a short haired cat, meaning less knots and easier brushing. Shaved fur usually grows back to full length within 8-12 weeks depending on how short the fur is shaved and the original hair length.

What is a dematt?

When fur matted to the extent that it cannot be brushed out, we would suggest a dematt. Dematting is shaving fur all the way down to the skin to remove matted areas – this sometimes means a full body shave depending on how matted the cat is. Matted fur is most often seen in areas where there is lots of rubbing or movement such as between the legs, under the tail, the chest, and around the collar. Matted fur can damage a cat’s skin by preventing oxygen and moisture from reaching it; this can result in dry, irritated, and scaly skin, and the mats can pull on the skin causing abrasions and infections; this is what makes it import to remove them. After a dematt you may find that with regular brushing that your cat remains knot free and happy, but if your cat struggles with grooming we would recommend that you book regular brush outs or shave downs to avoid subsequent dematts in the future. It might take a while for your cat to completely grow out it’s fur again after a full dematt, but every cat is different; some only take 8 weeks, while others can take up to 6 months to grow back to its original length.

Does my cat need a bath?

In general most cats are pretty good at keeping themselves clean! Most people never bathe their cats and that’s okay, but there are some benefits to a wet or dry bath every now and again. (Wet baths involve water, shampoo and/or conditioner and a blow dry, while a dry bath uses the bath products but without the water – perfect if your cat hates getting wet!) Baths stimulate the skin and remove excess oil, dander, hair, and even fleas with the correct shampoos and conditioners. We only recommend a bath a couple of times a year unless absolutely necessary, for example if your cat has rolled in something smelly or if they have persistent fleas.

What does Cat-titude need to know when booking my appointment?

Any information about your cat is helpful to us prior to the appointment – your cat’s temperament, if there are any health problems we should be aware of, injuries, if they are likely to bite or scratch, if they have a favourite treat that would be helpful to bribe them with! The more information the better. If you are unsure about anything feel free to contact us with any questions, and check out our terms and conditions.