What our customers are saying…

“Such an amazing service today from cattitude. I got a quick appointment and explained that Mau was nervous. Mau was so well taken care of I had nothing to worry about. He was given so much love and was not stressed in the slightest. 5 star service. I shall certainly use cattitude again.”

Claire Morrison

“There is much less hair around the house since Lola’s shave down”

Nicola Russell

“Elysium is much more comfortable now after a dematt, I could never have gotten those matts out!”

Adam Hogg

“Great service, saved me a vets trip! Thanks”

Amanda Clarkson

“Saved a trip to the vets for a demat and nail clip with our Bumble, he looks fab and I prefer his nails now so he can’t ruin my furniture!!”

Alison Roberts

“Great Value, easy de-mat for my long haired moggy! Really flexible and calming, I just want to say thank you for your patience with Oreo, he’s much more comfortable now”

AdaM-5 (Yell.com)